4 Body Language Moves That You Should Avoid

Our bodies have a language of our own as they tend to show just what we mean without having to say it. If that’s the case, be sure to monitor our body language and the unspoken signals you make during conversations.
Here are four body language moves that you should avoid.

Being Inconsistent with Your Words

Staying inconsistent with your words and expressions can cause others to feel that something is wrong and lead them to suspect that your actions are dishonorable. Even the smallest actions like a nervous smile or fidgeting back and forth can make others feel uneasy and assume that you are up to no good.

Exaggerated Moves


Making exaggerated movements can mean that you are stretching the conversation. Instead of looking rambunctious, aim for small, controlled gestures that bring out your confidence and leadership as well as how well you gesture.

Slouching For Bad Posture

Showing poor posture is disrespectful, no matter who you are talking to at this stage. This indicates that you are bored or simply have no interest in talking. Even if you use the most polite words when speaking, when you slouch your body, this will show otherwise.

Instead, keep the body healthy and straight to maximize the amount of space you fill in. Maintain proper posture as you speak to promote respect and engagement.

Leaning Away

Leaning away from your conversations shows that you are not interested in the conversation. To prevent this, lean towards the person you are speaking to and tilt your head as you talk. This action alone will show how interested and involved you are with the conversation that the person will have your sole focus and attention.

Keep this four body language moves in mind next time you spark up a conversation. How your body moves is how others will view your intentions.