5 Body Language Moves You Should Watch Out For

Body language can tell you a lot about a person as to whether they are nervous, excited, or even telling the truth. As humans are already aware of language cues, research shows that less than 6% of communications is based on what we mean. Nearly 40% comes from the tone of our voice while the remaining 54% comes from our body language.

Understanding how to interpret body language and be more aware will help you determine just how someone reacts during a conversation. Here are five body language moves you should watch out for.

Crossed body signals resistance

When a person has crossed arms and legs, this means that they are not open to your conversation and resisting the entire agreement. According to psychology, this means that a person is physical, mentally or emotionally blocked from whatever they are confronted.

Genuine smiles have crinkles

While a mouth can spread lies, the eyes can’t. A real smile will reach the eye’s crow and create a crinkle around the skin. People may try to hide what they’re feeling. So if you’re looking to find out what they’re thinking, look for the tiny crinkles around their eyes.

Imitating body language is good

Have you ever noticed someone copying your actions? Or perhaps they mirror your body language as you speak. This is a good sign, as imitating someone will unconsciously reveal how you feel about the other person. It will come useful when you negotiate or trying to determine what the person is thinking.

Unable to Hold a Gaze is a Lie

One of the most visible forms of body language is being unable to hold a stare when you’re lying. This is common knowledge that most people fail at covering up. If someone is stiff and blinking, there’s a high chance that they might be lying to you.

Tough Jaws Mean Stress

Having a tightened neck and a tough jaw are signs of stress. No matter what someone might be saying, these signs all point to stress.

Do you make any of these moves while talking to somebody? Comment below and tell us what you think!