Write For Us

Cirilica is looking for writers who have something to say about communication and speech. All content submissions must be original and unpublished elsewhere. Keep in mind that we are very particular about each and every article we post as we aim to provide only the highest quality.

Here at Cirilica, our goal is to support the community of communication with all styles of writing. We welcome content in all forms of research on communication.


Authors must provide a well-written article with the particular reader in mind. We are looking for content that interests professional and academic readers. We encourage our writers to create content that motivates knowledge and gain more education to put into practice.

With your topic, we would like you to write in a manner that is reader-friendly. Cirilica emphasizes on the clarity and proper grammar as well articles that are accepted will undergo professional, copyediting.


All content must provide high-resolution images for optimal results.

Please use the following guideline to prepare your article:
• Title
• Heading 1
• Heading 2
• Heading 3
• Conclusion
• Reference

This uniform style will increase your chances of acceptance and use accurate conversion of your story. Once your article is ready for review, it will go through formal review where our editors will give comments and recommendation about your content. Word count should be around 500 – 1,500 words, unless specified by our editorial staff.


Step 1: Submission
Step 2: Template approved Undergo Professional Editing
Step 3: Feedback and Commentary
Step 4: Preparation for Successful Production
Step 5: Article Approved and Ready for Submission

The review process will take roughly two weeks. However, we often require revisions before acceptance. If you are interested in writing for us, please send us an email.